Capstone Project
As part of my capstone project, I collaborated with Realtor Nooran Ostadeian in a team of three to refresh her branding and design Instagram templates that can be easily reused on Canva, even by someone with limited graphic design experience. As a team, we identified Nooran's fundamental values and goals, such as her veganism, multilingualism, and community involvement, and I developed a colour palette consisting of white, gray, teal, green, and purple to create a relaxed, natural, and dynamic look that aligned with her values.
My team created a new logo for Nooran that reflects her brand identity and is easily recognizable. My team also designed images for Nooran's Instagram highlights, which will help her followers quickly find the information they need and engage with her services.
One of the tasks for this project that I took the lead on was the colour palette and typography. I chose a set of typefaces and colours that conveyed elegance, modernity, and approachability. A combination of Ambroise Std was selected for headings, and Proxima Nova was selected for headings and body text. Beloved Script was added to be used as an accent for a more approachable and human feel. 
The colour palette of purple, teal, green, and grey was expanded from Nooran's previous palette to create a modern and sophisticated look, with each colour representing growth, luxury, balance, and depth, respectively. Together, these choices contributed to a cohesive and professional look for the project, reflecting Nooran's brand identity and values.
Software used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
I created a set of "Just Listed" templates using Adobe Illustrator. The templates were designed to showcase Nooran's new property listings on her Instagram account, featuring the brand's updated logo and colour palette. After creating the templates, they were transferred to Canva, a user-friendly graphic design platform, allowing Nooran to easily customize and reuse them without extensive graphic design experience. The templates' layout was optimized for social media, ensuring that Nooran's listings are presented in a professional and visually appealing way, which can increase engagement and attract more clients.
The "Ask a Realtor" template I designed for Realtor Nooran Ostadeian was created using Adobe Illustrator and later transferred to Canva for her use. This Instagram carousel post is intended to encourage interaction and engagement with Nooran's followers on social media. It allows them to submit questions about the real estate market or the home buying/selling process. 
The first slide features Nooran's branding, providing brand consistency and recognition for her followers. The second slide features the client's question, while the third slide offers a short answer. The final slide includes Nooran's website URL, enabling potential clients to learn more about her and her business. 
Using this template, Nooran can showcase her expertise, engage with her followers, and potentially attract new clients. The ease of customization provided by Canva makes it possible for Nooran to quickly and easily create and post this template on her Instagram account, allowing her to devote more time to interacting with her followers and building her business.
I also designed a postcard-sized flyer that serves as a simple introduction to Nooran and encourages potential clients to reach out if they buy or sell a home. The front of the card features an image of Nooran, her branding elements, and contact information. Rather than highlighting her services, the focus is on introducing Nooran as a person. Introducing Nooran as a person rather than simply promoting her services can help to establish a more personal connection with potential clients. She is perceived as more approachable and trustworthy by presenting her as a relatable individual with values and interests.
On the back, a QR code is prominently displayed, which smartphones can scan to redirect to Nooran's website easily. This provides a convenient and seamless way for potential clients to learn more about her services and expertise. The call to action on the back encourages potential clients to contact Nooran if they want to buy or sell a home. The postcard flyer combines a personal touch with modern technology to create a powerful and effective marketing tool.

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