The Shining - Film PosterĀ 
I created this poster as a class project to showcase my ability to reimagine a classic film poster. Being a huge fan of The Shining, I decided to take on the challenge of designing a poster for this iconic film.
To ensure that my design included all the necessary elements of a movie poster, I researched the specific rules and guidelines of poster design in the film industry. My goal was to create something unique yet true to the classic elements of the film.
One of the biggest challenges I faced was striking a balance between originality and staying true to the iconic symbols and imagery of The Shining. To overcome this, I deconstructed the well-known symbols from the film and integrated them into my design in a way that created a cohesive and visually striking composition.
The final result was a poster that effectively communicated the film's key features while capturing the audience's attention. This project demonstrates my ability to think creatively, research effectively, and integrate industry-specific rules and guidelines into my designs.
Software used: Adobe Illustrator

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